The Black Vote, UK 2012 | Runnymede Trust

This video examines BME (black and minority ethnic) voting patters in the UK. It also highlights ‘ethnic penalties' which include lower employment rates; employment in low income jobs; children living in poverty.

At 02:39 we learn that just 19% of white Brits think the government should do more to improve opportunities for BME folks. Apparently this is because they perceive the labour market as fair and equal. It ends with a call to remedy things by living up to ‘British ideals of equality’.

First, allow me to pour scorn all over this claim on equality as a British ideal, I just don’t want to see Britain contradict itself for another few centuries by basking in the moral righteousness of its own liberal humanism while slaving and colonising and whatnot…

Anyhoo, you would have to have your head up your arse not to notice inequity in Britain, which means we might need to talk more about complicity and even dreaded privilege, than ideals like equality. How about we talk equity and equality

We make the decision not to perceive inequity whenever we comply with and participate in state/media tactics to shame and vilify disenfranchised people (young black men, people claiming benefits, immigrants, single mums, traveller communities, queer folks, Muslim people), tactics which also work to elide the disparities of vulnerability, need and risk among the populace. 

And as far as voting goes, well, we all know that first past the post is shull-bit by now so …

2 years ago