“I read Rosa’s letters and the relationship between her political concept of spontaneity and the unknownness of revolutionary life and the unknownness and intimacy of personal life. It seemed her notion of revolutionary and personal lives were inextricably linked.”

- Jacqueline Rose on reading Rosa Luxemburg’s letters for her new book Women in Dark Times: From Rosa Luxemburg to Marilyn Monroe |The Guardian, 3 February 2012

I need to know more about Rosa Luxemburg. I want to read these letters alongside Che Guevara’s articulations of revolutionary love which get a lot of play on t-shirts and tumblr. Che says ‘the true revolutionary is guided by strong feelings of love’, but also believed that revolutionary love was separate from the ‘small doses of daily affection’ that characterised relationships with wives and children for instance. These smaller loves must be sacrificed for the greater revolutionary love. How about Instead of detachment, a commitment to inventing new terms for intimacy, not relying on the old models and the demarcations between personal and political:

Luxemburg knew she bewildered him with her contrary impulses for autonomy and commitment, telling him in July 1897 that she felt “as touchy and skittish as a hare”. When his response was to detach himself, she announced he was making her heart shrink.” (via)

without guarantees. looping back to Carrie Mae Weems, as ever …