Présence africaine @ Musée du quai branly | Paris, 2009

"In organizing the two congresses, Présence Africaine offered a forum to intellectuals and to writers of the black diaspora. By initiating and participating actively in the organization of the First World Festival of Negro Arts (Dakar, 1966), Présence Africaine continued its work to highlight the wealth and the diversity of artistic practices of Africans but also of the diaspora.

This festival is the first large cultural event organized in Africa by a young independent African state. This event was also a strong political stake for Léopold Lédar Senghor, president of the young republic of Senegal.

Three large groups are distinguished in this section :

  • Organization in Dakar of the First World Festival of Negro Arts (April, 1966)
  • The multiple events during the festival
  • Exhibition on  “negro art”: from Dakar (April, 1966) to Paris (Grand Palais, June, 1966)

In this section, in addition to the posters and programs of the period, are presented a part of the objects exhibited in Dakar during the 1966 exhibition. A video installation additionally provides a sense of the wealth of the living arts during the festival.”