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James Blake dropped a new track last week, and Retrograde is quiet, elliptical, lovely. But all I want to do is listen to Kwabs' cover of Blake's 'The Wilhelm Scream’. It’s an altogether different song from the original. Without the underwater bloops and rupturing effects, those church-chords return me to a familiar melody that Blake only ever hints at. And maybe its those allusions to the familiar that I want; lately I’ve even been toying with the idea of going to church. But between Kwabs’ depths and Laura Mvula's everything, I think I'll stay home and spare myself the fake-smiling. At this new loose-lipped juncture of my life I'm not sure I could be trusted to respond with due temperance were some nice, sparrow-eyed Pentecostal to ask me “How is your walk with God?”

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    Kwabs’ cover of Blake’s ‘The Wilhelm Scream’.
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    *** When I first heard the song my brain innards expanded a little.
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    Ahhhhhh this song. So perfect whoever sings it.
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    This is a stunning version of a great song.
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