Michael Soi | Prosperity Gospel (2012)

I watched six films over the weekend, most of them (Tey/Aujourd’hui; alaskaLand; The Fade; High Chicago; 18 Ius Soli) part of the New Voices in Black Cinema film fest at BAM. But one, Roger Ross Williams’ God Loves Uganda which premiered at Sundance last month, made my blood boil. The film itself did everything right, but you watch Conservative U.S. Christians drag themselves out of the midwest to descend on Uganda like a plague of locusts and you want to punch something (they literally walk up in people’s homes uninvited, pedalling their hateful message in the most patronizing way imaginable). All the colonialism and imperialism and homophobia is mind-blowing by itself, but I kept thinking about the money. The midwestern megachurches, the Ugandan pastors’ mansions, and the woman rushing to the podium so that she’s the first to deliver her tithe. I’ve been seeing this unjust system perpetuated since my family became born-again: in South London as a kid, Jamaica at sixteen, Lagos in 2011. I’m sick of it.