THE FUTURE WEIRD is a new monthly film series created/curated by me + Megan Eardley. We’ll be screening films which are set in imagined futures, made by African / global south directors.

This month we’re focused on films that present visions of excess. Curated shorts by Wangechi Mutu and Kibwe Tavares, plus weird + wonderful clips from colonial archives will open the evening, followed by the feature: Jean Pierre Bekolo’s sci-fi thriller LES SAIGNANTES.

Set in 2025, Saignantes follows a pair of badass friends, Majolie and Chouchou, who sex men while suspended in harnesses, and perfect their bodies as weapons for resisting a corrupt Cameroonian state. The film starts with an act of coital homicide perpetuated (accidentally) by one of these women - the rest plays out from there. 

If you’re in NY, come through!

More details below and via the Facebook event + Spectacle Theater website

THE FUTURE WEIRD: visions of excess
JULY 31st @ 8PM, Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn

Jean-Pierre Bekolo’s 2050 genre-bending sci-fi thriller LES SAIGNANTES opens with a woman who whispers: “We are in 2025 and nothing has changed.” Then she fucks a man to death.

"Visions of Excess" is an evening of screenings which documents bodies produced by force. We study body movement which confounds the dichotomy between human and machine. But forget what you know about the sexy cyborg - we’re talking about discipline, ritual, secret societies run by women, the appetites of deep sea creatures, eroticized amputees, and militant bread bakers. Welcome to the black fantastic. 

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